Reflections on the Pandemic in the Future of the World

Morality: Awareness of Being Human and Remaining Human in the Post-pandemic Period

Considering its historical counterparts, significant changes are expected to occur in all areas of human life during and after the Global COVID-19 Outbreak. However, as globe almost turns into a “quarantine zone” because of a pandemic emerging during an age that has nano technology, artificial intelligence, robotic production, digital sociability applications, the search for life in space and trans humanism; concern and uncertainty about the future has greatly increased. Some restrictions and practices in community life and relationships have been introduced to prevent the outbreak and reduce its effects. Due to the perception that these restrictions might be permanent and used as an excuse to digitalize social life, the concern and uncertainty are gradually being replaced by fear and chaos. Because of its consequences being far beyond of a health event, if the global epidemic becomes a turning point in terms of the flow of history and “nothing ever will be the same” as it’s widely foreseen, morality will also have its share of change. Under these circumstances, a “morality vision” should be put forward again, by considering the predictions, claims and expectations of the new normal period but fundamentally based on the reality of being “human”.

Prof. Hüseyin Sarıoğlu
DOI: 10.53478/TUBA.2020.108