Exploring The Commonalities of The Mediterranean Region

Operations Research and Cooperation Integrating Tool: The Case of Algeria

Since the end of WWII, Operations Research (OR) has gained an important role for the whole world and especially the Mediterranean one. Algeria entered this activity just after its independence in 1962, characterized by a lack of specialists in technologies and sciences. A huge scientific and technological training program started few years later, followed by the introduction of OR at the end of the seventies sustained by international cooperation. Since then, an organized and continuous cooperation program was maintained. Quickly OR was used to solve some real problems facing the country. This showshow OR techniques may be an integrating tool for enhancing scientific and technological cooperation. In this chapter, some examples of works and applications developed in Algeria will be presented as illustrations. We also try to sketch the ways and with the help of whom Algeria mastered OR techniques and what are the main challenges still away to solve to extend this cooperation to the Mediterranean countries.

Prof. Dr. Abdelkader Khelladi
DOI: 10.53478/TUBA.2019.011