TUBA World Conference on Energy Science and Technology (TUBA WCEST-2021) Book of Abstracts
ISBN: 978-605-2249-75-8

The program starts on Sunday (August 8th) with two panel discussion sessions, one on “Energy, Environment and Economy” and the other one on “Energy and Education” where current challenges, potential solutions, opportunities and future directions are discussed by the leading experts. The program opens its technical sessions on Monday with the formal opening talks where the TUBA President, Minister of Industry and Technology, and Minister of Energy and Natural Resources deliver their speeches. The program continues with 29 plenary/ keynote speakers, 27 invited speakers and over 121 general speakers on four days which make an exceptionally designed conference in the area of energy science and technology. It then ends on Thursday (August 12th) with a panel discussion session and closing remarks. Furthermore, there are general sessions where many research talks are delivered by researchers, scientists, engineers, and technologists to disseminate high-quality research results and present new findings. Local and global online participations are expected from academia, government agencies, and industry to bring all players together, and the conference is then expected to lead to effective and fruitful discussions and collaborations among these attendants from different disciplines, institutes, and sectors from all over the world. Moreover, it is planned to have some special issues in various reputable international journals to publish high-quality papers out of the conference.