TÜBA COVID-19 Global Outbreak Evaluation Report Published

TÜBA COVID-19 Global Outbreak Evaluation Report Published

TÜBA published version 6.0 of the "COVID-19 Global Outbreak Assessment Report" including 240 pages, which was first prepared as an open source on 17 April 2020 and lastly updated on 4 June 2020.

Report is prepared with help of fallowing institutions and document; scientific experts including experts from TÜBA, Working Groups of Academy such as Cancer, Food and Nutrition and Sustainable Development, Finance and Environment Working Group, TÜBA Young Academy and Coronavirus Scientific Committee, worked together in this report for ensuring to receive clear and accurate information about the pandemic in Turkey.

This report, which conducted scientific studies related with process management lived in Turkey and the world simultaneously, presents; scientific studies conducted in our country and world and successful outcomes of alternative methods and treatment were shared. On the other hand, scientific news sources about health are listed at national and international level and informative suggestion about normalization of post pandemic process are also included. Also, in the report; descriptive data about basis of Turkey's national success in pandemic period with opinion of 22 experts were presented.

In the first part of the report, the history of pandemics was addressed and the current definitions were underlined in this context. Descriptive data about situation of Covid-19 outbreak in Turkey and the existing health infrastructure of Turkey offered.  The second section, which includes the outbreak process management related to Covid-19, contains web addresses will be benefited by researchers extensively. In the third chapter, the interaction of the pandemic with other science disciplines is discussed. In the fourth section; a future projection is put forward by addressing the economic and social impacts of the epidemic and similar outbreaks in history. In the fifth section; in addition to the COVID-19 reports of the World Science Academies, there are some COVID-19 research and projects conducted by TÜBA members.

Studies on printing, translation and dissemination to related institutions and organizations of the report are continuing.