TÜBA conducts its main tasks with various working groups in order to make investigations and consultations to determine scientific priorities and scientific issues; to ensure the dissemination of scientific approach and thought in society; to propose changes to the government, the social status of the Turkish scientists and researchers, their living levels, their income and the legislative changes regarding the special benefits and privileges required by such activities; to ensure the appreciation and acceptance of the importance of science to the public. Working groups established by the decision of the Academy Council on important, prioritized and current issues shall perform the following tasks.

The main missions of working groups are:
To follow the current developments and knowledge about the subject,
To share their knowledge experiences in coordination with relevant stakeholders and students in the relevant disciplines,;
To contribute to the development of an interactive environment that encourages the preparation of research projects involving new approaches, giving priority to cooperation with in-house, national and international similar groups,
To consulate for national and international projects and/or organizations,
To organize  at least one event per year in the form of congresses, conferences, seminars or symposiums,
To contribute  to all kinds of information activities through books, brochures and similar publications, as well as through the media and the internet,
To organize sessions in national and international congresses.

For detailed information:
International Relations Working Group
Environment, Biodiversity and Climate Change Working Group
Health Sciences and Technologies Working Group
Information Technologies and Communication Working Group
Sustainable Development and Finance Working Group
Energy Working Group
Food and Nutrition Working Group
Science and Education Policies Working Group
Stem Cell Working Group
Cancer Working Group