Science and Engineering Fields

First Place

Dr. Turaç Farsadi

Middle East Technical University, 2018

"Aeroelastic analysis of composite wings and wind turbine blades including geometrical nonlinearity and compressibility"

Second Place

Dr. Abdolali Khalili Sadaghiani

Sabancı University, 2019

"Micro/Nano-engineered techniques for enhanced pool boiling heat transfer"

Third Place

Dr. Halil Hakan Açıkel

Erciyes University, 2018

"Control of flow over wind turbine blade with flexibilty"

Health and Life Sciences

First Place

Dr. Zihni Onur Uygun

Ege University, 2020

"Development of A specific biosensor system for the determination of circulating free DNA for tumor diagnosis and monitoring"

Second Place

Dr. Gülşah Congur

Ege University, 2019

"Development of DNA biosensors for electrochemical detection of biomolecular interaction"

Social Sciences and Humanities

First Place

Dr. Yasemin Kahyaoğlu Erdoğmuş

Anadolu University, 2020

"Investigation of pedagogical agent and feedback types by academic success, flow experience and cognitive load in a game based learning environment"