Article 567 of the Presidential Decree No. 4, the duties of the Turkish Academy of Sciences have been updated as follows in the Presidential Decree No. 86 dated 13/11/2021:

a) To carry out studies and provide counselling on scientific issues and in order to determine scientific priorities.

b) To ensure the dissemination of scientific approach and thought in the society, *to encourage young scientists.

c) To propose to the President of the Republic legislative amendments concerning the social status, living standards, income and special facilities and privileges required for scientific activities of Turkish scientists and researchers.

ç) To award prizes to ensure that the importance of science is appreciated and accepted by the public opinion of the country and to encourage scientists.

d) To carry out reporting and scientific publication activities for the country's science strategy in order to realize its objectives and fulfil its duties, and to share these with relevant institutions and persons."

e) To carry out activities in the field of science diplomacy and to contribute to the development of this field.

f) To carry out activities for the transfer of our scientific heritage to the present day.