Within the scope of TÜBA's mission of encouraging and appreciating scientists; a total of three scientists were awarded in three categories: Social and Human Sciences, Health and Life Sciences, and Science and Engineering Sciences, for the 2022 "TÜBA International Academy Awards", which is established and open to all scientists in the world.

International TÜBA Academy Awards by the TÜBA Academy Council as a result of the opinions of domestic and foreign referees and the evaluation of the field committees;

In the category of Science and Engineering Sciences;

2022 TÜBA International Academy Award be favored to, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Nanoengineering Department lecturer and Wearable Sensors Center (UCSD) Director Prof. Dr. Joseph Wang; he is original, pioneering and groundbreaking research in basic and engineering sciences, and for His research and inventions that have a powerful and widespread impact worldwide on biosensors, nanobioelectronics, wearable sensors, micro-robotics and nanomotors that push the boundaries of healthcare systems.

In the Social and Human Sciences category;

2022 TÜBA Academy Award be favored to, Hebrew University of Jerusalem Lecturer Prof. Dr. Amnon Cohen; his original, pioneering and epoch-making works on Palestine and Jerusalem in the classical period of the Ottoman Empire, based on authentic sources (Tahrir Registers and Jerusalem Court Records). He was favored especially for the connection it established between the Jerusalem-centered view of local history and society and the general approach to Ottoman history and society, as well as for expanding the perspective of Ottoman historical studies beyond Istanbul, Anatolia and the Balkans.

In the category of Health and Life Sciences;

2022  International TÜBA Academy Award be favored to, Nanyang Technological University Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Medicine Dean Prof. Dr. Joseph Jao-Yiu Sung; Helicobacter pylori first-time short-term occurrence of gastric ulcers associated with He can be treated with the use of antibiotics and peptic ulcer bleeding can be treated endoscopically that he is a scientist who showed that treatment can be cured without the need for surgery, and that these two It was favored for its unique, pioneering and groundbreaking treatment approaches.

Prof. Dr. Joseph Wang; he is a professor of Nanoengineering at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and Director of the Center for Wearable Sensors (UCSD). He was the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Electroanalysis (Wiley-VCH), of which he was the founder, for 30 years. With his main research area of nanobioelectronics and nanorobotics, he has made important pioneering contributions to the development of many different application areas such as nanomotors, nanorobotics and nanoactuators, nano-scale barcodes, nanomedicine, wearable body sensors and biofuel cells, bionanomaterials, glucose biosensors. Dr. Wang has over 1200 research articles published in international indexed journals and according to Google Scholar, the h-index is 187 (140,000 citations), and according to Web of Science, the h-index is 152 (100,000 citations). Prof. Wang has supervised 40 PhD students, over 350 researchers and visiting students so far. His successful work has led him to win awards from many different countries. Since 1990s, a total of 12 scientists, nine of whom are post-doctoral researchers and three of whom are doctoral students, from Turkey, involved in various research projects under the mentorship of Wang and brought the developments in these current fields to our country. Prof. Wang was awarded the TÜBA Science Award in 2022 for his original, pioneering and groundbreaking research in basic and engineering sciences due to inventions that have strong and widespread worldwide impact on biosensors, nanobioelectronics, wearable sensors, micro-robotics and nanomotors that push the boundaries of health systems.

Prof. Dr. Amnon Cohen; he was born in 1936 in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Having completed his undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies at the Hebrew University of Israel. He served as the head of the department and also served as the director of the Truman Institute, which was established in 1965 with the aim of promoting peace between Israel's Arab and Jewish communities. He has been a visiting scholar at the world's leading universities in Middle East studies such as York University, Princeton University, and Oxford University; He gave lectures, participated in joint working groups, seminars and conferences. CIEPO (Comité), which has created an effective discussion and sharing platform with international symposiums on pre-Ottoman and Ottoman period research. International des studies pré-ottomanes et ottomanes) was on the board of directors. He was elected as an Honorary Member of the Turkish Historical Society in 2013. Prof. Cohen conducts his studies on Ottoman and Middle Eastern history in general, and on the history of Palestine and Jerusalem in particular.

Prof. Dr. Joseph Jao-Yiu Sung; he was born in 1959 in Hong Kong. He completed his medical and surgical specialization at the University of Hong Kong. He received his PhD from the University of Calgary, Canada in 1992. He earned his doctorate of medicine from the University of Hong Kong. Prof. Sung established the “Colorectal Cancer Asia Pacific Working Group” and developed guidelines for prevention and screening for colorectal cancers. His original scientific researches on early diagnosis, screening and prevention on colorectal cancers, and clinical studies directed to prevent gastric cancer by eliminating helicobacter infection, brought him many awards from different countries and societies, including the USA, Germany and the World Gastroenterology organization. Prof. Sung has over 1700 scientific articles, over 15 book editors and 9 patents. He is currently the Dean and faculty member of the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine at Technological University, in Nanyang Singapore.