Memorandum of Understanding Signed between TÜBA and the Malaysian Academy of Sciences

Memorandum of Understanding Signed between TÜBA and the Malaysian Academy of Sciences

TÜBA President Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Şeker and Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) President Academician Datuk Dr. Tengku Mohd Azzman Sharfiffadeen FASc signed the memorandum of understanding between the two academies.

The memorandum of understanding, which is based on the development and strengthening of academic cooperation, aims to promote the exchange of scientific knowledge and experience through interaction between scientists and academics in order to develop collaborative activities in Turkey and Malaysia. TÜBA and ASM have also agreed to facilitate co-operation between members in areas of mutual interest, including encouraging co-operation between members to translate advanced research into commercial applications that lead to economic growth and job creation.

Following the signing, President Şeker expressed his satisfaction for such an important agreement for the realization of joint activities between ASM and TÜBA, and said that scientific cooperation between academies brings different perspectives, so the work carried out is much more efficient. "This cooperation represents an important step in our shared commitment to advance scientific knowledge and diplomacy across borders. Scientific cooperation knows no borders and this agreement symbolizes our unity and common purpose. This agreement is more than a document; it is an opportunity to join our intellectual strengths, pool resources and tackle cross-border challenges together. Our partnership with ASM reflects our commitment to promoting scientific excellence and international co-operation. By combining our resources and expertise, we can make significant contributions to the global scientific community."

ASM President Dr Tengku Mohd Azzman Sharfiffadeen FASc expressed his excitement about this partnership: "We are delighted to embark on this journey of co-operation with the Turkish Academy of Sciences. This partnership underlines our commitment to advance scientific research, knowledge and innovation on a global scale." The MoU was signed with the participation of Yang Berhormat Datuk Arthur Joseph Kurup, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI). President Şeker presented the President of ASM with a gift from TÜBA's recently published works.

The signing ceremony was attended by ASM CEO Mdm Hazami Habib and TÜBA Young Academy Representative Lecturer Prof. Dr. Mürsel Doğrul, Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of Turkey Tolga Uçak, Education Counsellor Gönül Demirel and Religious Counsellor Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Temel also attended the signing ceremony.

The Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) is an independent scientific organization under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI). ASM works to be the nation's thought leader on issues related to science, technology, innovation and the economy. It provides a platform for the exchange of ideas between academia, policymakers, civil society and industry.

ASM has more than 900 experts in Engineering Sciences, Medical and Health Sciences, Biological and Environmental Sciences, Information Technology and Computer Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Mathematics, Physics and Earth Sciences, Science Technology and Development Industry, and Social Sciences and Humanities.

Its main activities include conducting foresight and strategic studies and leading science-based strategic programs at national, regional and global levels. It acts with the approach of "Think Science, Praise Technology, and Inspire Innovation".