President Şeker Attended Science20 Meeting

President Şeker Attended Science20 Meeting

Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Şeker, president of TÜBA attended the “Science20 Inception Meeting” held within the scope of Science20 (S20).

After the S20 meeting hosted by Indonesia in 2022 with extensive participation by TÜBA, the S20 opening meeting was held in Pondiceria, India in this year. During the 2-day meeting, TÜBA Principal Member and Prof. Dr. Ahmet Nuri Yurdusev, TÜBA Principle Member and METU Faculty Member also took part.

Within the scope of the S20 – 2023 program, 4 main meetings are planned (apart from the opening meeting) in 4 different cities between January and September. The program includes “Clean Energy for a Greener Future” in Agartala on 3-4 April, “Universal Holistic Health” in Lakshadweep on 1-2 May, “Connecting Science to Society and Culture” in Bhopal on 16-17 June, and “Synthesis and Policy Recommendations” on July 21-22 in Coimbatore.

Science20, which is called S20 consists of science academies of G20 countries; a working group that works for the leaders and the world public to have the scientific basis of policies is a platform for the cooperation of scientists and institutions among the G20 countries. Science20 aims to help G20 leaders make the most of science and technology, and it provides G20 leaders with guidance on scientific and technological issues.