National Technology Initiative: Social Reflections and Türkiye's Future

Turkcell, The Pacesetter Operator of Domestic Technology Ecosystem For Digital Türkiye

Continuing its rise in the international arena with its domestic and national technology initiatives it has realized in recent years as well as the geostrategic location advantage it has, Türkiye’s role in the ever-developing digital world is momentous. Turkcell, the pioneer of the sector, has been endeavoring for years to protect Türkiye’s “cyber homeland” borders and to increase the power of “Digital Türkiye”. It considers the development and support of a wide range of domestic solutions, especially communication technologies, from cybersecurity to data centers, from digital services intended for individuals to corporate technological services, as strategically important with a “national issue” approach. Taking innovative steps towards this with its entire ecosystem, Turkcell continues to realize the necessary new infrastructure investments. Besides this, it continues its pioneering R&D activities with the mission of always being one-step ahead of the society on the way to the future with the aim of making its leadership in the industry sustainable. Turkcell, the first company to introduce Türkiye to mobile “hello”, has been working incessantly for our country to have a say in this field with the domestic and national technologies it has developed since its inception of its operations as well as the deep-rooted corporate experience it has attained. In this context, it makes the lives of its customers easier with its strong communication infrastructure and new generation digital services offered together with changing technologies. Today, Turkcell has turned into an innovative technology company that produces international quality domestic solutions in many different fields from entertainment services to techfin solutions, from instant messaging platforms to search engines, and even exports some of them to more than 40 countries in the world, contributing to the national economy. Thanks to the strong infrastructure it has established, Turkcell not only provides conventional communication services, but also offers domestic products and services to its corporate customers in many sectors, from education to health, from finance to production as well today. Thus, while contributing to the more efficient use of the country’s resources, it continues to increase its contribution to the national economy with domestic technological production. Besides, Turkcell, which goes beyond these and realizes renewable energy investments with the sustainability approach it has integrated into all its corporate processes, also assumes responsibilities for the manufacture of the future automobile with domestic and national resources, as in the Togg (Türkiye’s Automobile Enterprise Group) project.

Bülent Aksu
DOI: 10.53478/TUBA.978-625-8352-17-7.ch30