National Technology Initiative: Social Reflections and Türkiye's Future

Reflections on the Quadruple Helix With Society and the Future of Co-Creating and Succeeding Together in the National Technology Initiative

In the context of changing, complex and dynamic processes, a quadruple helix that involves cooperation across universities, industry, public institutions and society has a key role in the success of research, development and innovation-based initiatives. The societal reflections of the National Technology Initiative in Türkiye, which is implemented with a focus of societal mobilization and societal ownership, are evaluated in this book chapter based on evaluations in three dimensions: (i) societal reflections of technological achievements, (ii) societal reflections on young human resources and (iii) societal reflections on solutions for complex challenges. In the first dimension, the societal reflections of domestic and national technological achievements based on a co-creation and succeeding together approach towards economic, social, environmental, and national security impacts as well as increasing societal awareness on these technological achievements are discussed. Accordingly, co-creation and succeeding together based platform developments, the Technology-Oriented Industry Move Program and the societal reflections of output and impact-oriented processes are represented. In the second dimension, the societal reflections of TEKNOFEST competitions for young talents that enter the R&D and innovation ecosystem, innovative scholarship opportunities, a research intern scholarship program, and Try-Do Technology Ateliers are covered. In the third dimension, the focus is on reflections that extend to society when addressing challenging areas of critical importance due to global risks and societal needs. As critical challenges, the global pandemic and the COVID-19 Türkiye Platform, research on mucilage, earthquake research and climate change are presented. As emphasized in the evaluation of all three dimensions, the societal reflections of the National Technology Initiative express a quadruple helix mode of ecosystem cooperation. Inclusive, holistic, transparent and interactive science approaches that focus on societal needs are increasing in importance when compared to traditional science that is far from societal needs and interactions. The societal reflections of the National Technology Initiative, which draws its strength from society and contributes to society, including technological achievements, young human resources and solutions for challenging areas have directed the future of our country to increased social welfare and sustainable economic development. In line with 2023 goals, the 100th anniversary of the Republic, and the year 2053, which is the net-zero emission target, the approach of co-creating and succeeding together with society will increasingly be continued and sustained into this future.

Hasan Mandal
DOI: 10.53478/TUBA.978-625-8352-17-7.ch06