National Technology Initiative: Social Reflections and Türkiye's Future

National Innovation Systems: What the National Technology Initiative Brings to Türkiye

The national innovation system includes market and non-market institutions that affect the pace and direction of innovation and technological diffusion in a country. In this way, the determinant of the technological developments that shape the development is the national innovation system of the country. The national innovation system is shaped according to the strategic development areas of the country. From the most basic level to the most advanced studies, science centers, research centers, universities, the private sector, and public institutions constitute Türkiye's national innovation system. Türkiye has crowned the contributions of the national innovation system with the "National Technology Initiative". In this section, institutions related to national innovation systems and the shaping process of science and technology policies in Türkiye will be discussed. In addition, the national innovation systems literature will be mentioned and the terminology will be analyzed with the bilimetric method. Thanks to the findings obtained, prominent topics and the tray of research networks became possible. In this context, when we examine the institutions that frequently work on national innovation systems, it is possible to talk about a dominant effect on EU member countries. On the other hand, it has been exemplified as an important case study in terms of identifying important concepts and subject areas that are open to development, and developing a data-based R&D policy. With the analysis we have carried out in this context in our study, the concepts for the determination of the nodal points that have reached the level of saturation in the context of national innovation systems and the areas that are open to development and relatively untouched have been determined. Thanks to this information, it has been possible to make inferences about the future of innovation systems. When the analyzes of the studies are examined, it is possible to say that the national innovation systems are considered as a whole and that the issues such as R&D performance, private sector, and policy-making take place at the base. By developing a data-based policy, Türkiye will move forward to become a self-sufficient leading power in its region, producing high technology and added value, not a market, in the digitalized world with the National Technology Initiative. In this sense, it can be said that the National Technology Initiative is a struggle for existence for our future generations as a struggle for independence.

Muzaffer Şeker
DOI: 10.53478/TUBA.978-625-8352-17-7.ch05