Ghengis Khan and His Legacy

The Rise of Chingiz Khan And The Characteristics of The Era

There was no proper state structure in Asia, and regional tribal structures could not fully dominate each other in the age when Chingiz Khan emerged as a leader. Another point that draws attention at these times is that it was extremely important to act in accordance with the laws during the formation of the Chingiz’ state. In addition, despite the conflict and hostility between the tribes and the tribal leaders, displaying bravery and valor everybody showed respect to their opponents.

Although Chingiz Khan and his brothers suffered some difficulties during this period, the circumstances helped him to establish a strong state. He made good use of the fragmented situation in Asia. Afterwards, a significant part of the Mongols, who were in the minority in the state in terms of numbers and lagged behind the Turks in terms of cultural development, accepted Islam in time and became Turkic, and the rest returned to Mongolia.

Prof. Saadettin Yağmur Gömeç
DOI: 10.53478/TUBA.2021.021