Ghengis Khan and His Legacy

How Chinggis Khan Changed The History of The Inner Asian Peoples

In general Chinggis Khan is evaluated in terms of the campaigns and conquests he carried out on the cities and states of Central Asia and China. Here in this study the focus is on his impact on nomadic societies. While the pre-Chinggisid period is characterized by nomadic clans, tribes and principalities, the new order (jasagh) entailed membership in the army of conquest. It was not only changes in the composition of the society that these changes are visible, but also in patterns of succession. In their effort to legitimize the new order, historians of the period used old-time emotional verses in their records implying a continuity. Retrospectively it can be said that all of these developments changed Inner Asia from a society where intra-tribal strife, migrations, invasions and conquests had been the rule, to more or less homogenous “tribes” who became involved in social and religious literature, historiography thus leaving records of their culture for the posterity.

Prof. İsenbike Togan
DOI: 10.53478/TUBA.2021.020