Ghengis Khan and His Legacy

Genghis Khan and His Holistic Worldview

The Mongol Empire, which emerged as a result of the Mongol unity under the leadership of Genghis Khan has left its mark on world history as the world’s largest land empire ever. It is as difficult to establishing establish such an enormous state and to keep it alive. For this reason, thanks to the public diplomacy, which was laid down by Genghis Khan and passed on to future generations with the Steppe Law, which is known as the Genghis Law, it has succeeded in attaining the identity of a world empire politically, economically, and culturally. It is worth mentioning that the foundations of this policy put forward by Genghis Khan correspond to the Turkic perception of world domination. As Genghis Khan believed in one God and one state as is the case according to Chinese and the Turkic state traditions. He put forward a holistic worldview in political, economic, and cultural terms: Genghis Khan’s successors also continued to further his vision in all the lands they conquered, and especially in Eurasia which they dominated. After the second half of the XIII th century, Mongol Empire ruled in Eurasia for more than a century and has been one of the first and most important examples of the holistic worldview with the policies followed by the Mongolian Khans.

Prof. Ekrem Kalan
DOI: 10.53478/TUBA.2021.022