Ghengis Khan and His Legacy

A Darussifa in Amasya and Cacabey Madrasah in Kırşehir

This study focuses on Kırşehir Cacabey Madrasah, according to its inscription and endowment dates to 1272-1273 as well as Amasya Darussifa, which according to its inscription was built in 1308-1309. These constructions have an important place among the Ilkhanid era buildings in Anatolia. The Cacabey madrasah, built by Kırşehir governer Cacabey in Kırşehir, was the center of culture, science, and art at the time. The Darüşşifa, located in Amasya, was built during the Olcayto Han era and became one of the important medical centers of the time. The aim of this study is to examine these buildings by reflecting on the cultural characteristics, builders, and architectural features of the time.

Res. Asst. Meral Koçak
DOI: 10.53478/TUBA.2021.034