Circular Economy and Sustainable Living

Open and Distance Learning as a Sustainable Education Ecology

This study discusses how Open and Distance Learning (ODL) practices supportthe Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) No 4 to ensure sustainability in education in the context of basic values such as equality, justice, equity and democracy in education. The chapter further discusses how the philosophy of openness in education nurtures the idea of ecosystem, and then explains common denominators, especially in the context of global projects that ensure sustainability and development. It is seen that the philosophy of openness that guides ODL practices has a common denominator with the global developmentprojects put into practice especially with the new millennium. It is seen that the global projects explained in the context of this study especially emphasize the concepts of openness, accessibility and equality in education. The overall evaluation of education systems states that traditional education systems should enter the transformation process to provide these values. In order to do this, it is seen that strategic planning should be undertaken especially at the national level. It is thought that the concepts mentioned in the context of ODL are already the main pillars of the field, however, it is necessary to disseminate the notion of openness in education, build a learning ecosystem inspired by openness in education and create a learning culture that will support lifelong learning within this ecosystem. This study, by associating the conceptual depth of open and distance learning with sustainable education policies and quality assurance, is important in terms of examining the ecology of learning on the basis of relevant pedagogical approaches and lifelong learning in line with the dynamics of learning environments and providing a scope for the necessity of creating a sustainable ecology in ODL.

Dr. Nazire Burçin Hamutoğlu, Assoc. Prof. Aras Bozkurt, Prof. Dr. Bayram Zafer Erdoğan
DOI: 10.53478/TUBA.978-605-2249-97-0.ch09