Circular Economy and Sustainable Living

Circular Economy and Environmental Management in Universities

Transition to circular economy requires changing, transforming or completely abandoning the prevailing dominant forms of doing” in decisions, activities ve relations in the processes of all production, distribution, use and consumption. Universities that are positioned in between the general societal (or global) macro levels and individual micro level inevitably are integrated parts of this transition. In terms of circular economy, universities should be the motivating and exampolary force of the transiton by adopting and employing the sustainable environmental policies in their daily activities, and should raise new generations who are sensitive to environment and have awareness and corresponding behaviors on the necessity of preserving and developing human rights and healty environmental conditions. All these, while providing a life-centered and environment-centered educational services to students and cultivating environmental awareness and behavioral changes, require creation and developing sustainable green campus and healthy living envorenment by demonstrating examples of sustainable nature and healthy human environment in the structural features, activities, uses, consumptions, and corresponding policies in the campuses. This study firstly provided a review of circular economy which is the recently developed extention of sustainable environment and development approach. Then, successful university practices on the circularity and sustainability were presented, followed by conclusion and suggestions.

Prof. Dr. Nazmiye Erdoğan
DOI: 10.53478/TUBA.978-605-2249-97-0.ch11