Call for Papers for a Conference on 'Global Transformations and Türkiye'

The TÜBA Conference on "Global Transformations and Türkiye” will be held in Istanbul between 18-20 April 2024. The conference is organized by TÜBA’s Working Group on International Relations.

The conference aims to provide a broad framework for scholars, policy-makers and the general public. It will form a platform for discussion of multiple practices from multiple perspectives. The themes of the conference will include, but are not limited to, the following:      

1. Global Transformations Then and Now
2. Multiplicity of Paradigms and Multi-faceted Nature of International Relations
3. World Order, Global Governance and Possibility of Forming a “just” International Order
4. Culture, Civilization and Identity
5. War, Peace and Conflict Resolution
6. Migration, Refugees and Human Security
7. Security, Cyber security, Energy security and the Security of Supply Chains
8. New Channels of Diplomacy and Science Diplomacy
9. Artificial Intelligence in Diplomacy and Interactions / Data and Global Inequalities
10. The World of Non-state Practices (NGOs, MNCs, Civil society associations, etc.)
11. Polities and Collectivities (States, empires, governance bodies, nations, ethnic and religious groupings)

Conference Timetable
26 February 2024
Final Date for Submission of Panel Proposals and Paper Abstracts

11 March 2024
Authors will be Informed of Acceptance of Their Applications

12 April 2024
Final Date for Submission of Full Papers

April 18-19, 2024

20 April 2024
Post-Conference Tour (optional) and Departure

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