National Technology Initiative: Social Reflections and Türkiye's Future

Technological Development of Turkish Aerospace

In today’s rapidly developing and differentiating world, technological developments show their effects in every field. This change is also reflected in the conditions of global competition. Businesses are working to maintain their presence in the market with environmental conditions and technological innovations shaped in line with rapidly changing customer demands, expectations, and needs. Technology and innovation management is important especially for the developments in the aviation and space sectors and for the survival of the enterprises in the changing global market. Companies adapt to today’s conditions very quickly. Turkish Aerospace Industry Inc. (Turkish Aerospace), which has become the technology center of Türkiye and the region in the fields of development, modernization, production, system integration, and life cycle support of aerospace industry systems and is among the top hundred global players in its sector, continues to shape the future and the sector by using all the tools of innovation management effectively and holistically. In today’s world, where the global balance of power is changing rapidly and extraordinary developments such as wars and pandemics are experienced, all nations feel under pressure and trends in technology are changing rapidly. Crises create opportunities for technological breakthrough and innovation. Successful exit from the crisis is only possible with innovation, technology development, and nationalization activities. In addition, it is important to successfully transfer the technologies emerging within the scope of international regulations and digital transformation policies, especially the European Green Agreement, to the defense and aviation sector. Another important issue for competition is to predict the operational environment of the future, and to analyze which technologies will come to the fore. In line with the analysis of global trends and the future, shaping innovation roadmaps, targeting the right technological gains, realizing appropriate investments, and initiating projects are all possible with technology management activities. In this study, Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TUSAŞ)’s place in the aviation sector, its technological development, technology roadmap studies in the company, technology readiness level measurements, dissemination of technology gains, localization and nationalization, patent engineering, intrapreneurship, and open innovation and R&D management in TUSAŞ. Information about the applied models is given. The acceleration of the company in recent years and its position in the world market have been evaluated. TUSAŞ continues to work towards becoming a world brand as a company with the power to shape the future. The goal is to be among the top 10 companies worldwide.

Rafet Bozdoğan, Temel Kotil, Fahrettin Öztürk
DOI: 10.53478/TUBA.978-625-8352-17-7.ch25