Medieval Arrowheads
ISBN: 978-605-2249-42-0
DOI: 10.53478/TUBA.2020.001

The study is presented in four main sections. The first is the chronological dimension, and the dating issues are discussed here. Morphological dimension was evaluated in the second section, where data on the current status of arrowheads such as cross section, weight, and measurement were evaluated. For the first time in contemporary archery studies an arrowhead glossary was created in the third section, in which the terms described in medieval arrow manuscripts and other source works were examined. The fourth section contains the most comprehensive typological classification ever made, consisting of arrowheads found both domestically and globally in 80 centers. The final section of the metallurgical studies was performed using SEM-EDX and microhardness methods to analyze data such as internal arrowhead structures, hardness levels, development trends that were first-time analyzed for the Anatolian-Medieval. As a result of our research, medieval arrowheads have been identified with chronology, morphology, typology, and metallurgical characteristics. A typology was carried out to cover all of the Anatolian-medieval arrowheads. An extensive glossary on the  terms of the arrowheads has been prepared and the question of what the formal and metallurgical properties of the characteristic medieval arrowhead are to be clarified.

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Assoc. Dr. Alptekin Yavaş