Islam Düynösündö İlim Jana Tehnika / Science and Technology in Islam (Kyrgyz)
ISBN: 978-625-8352-14-6
DOI: 10.53478/TUBA.978-625-8352-14-6

Genghis Khan, the founder of the Mongol Empire, is a historical figure who influenced the whole world and societies. The military, economic and political changes he brought to the peoples of Asia eventually spread to other regions. He set out with a holistic vision of the world in his time and struggled to establish a strong centralized system. Genghis Khan influenced the history, culture and architecture not only of his own society but also of the Turkic world and other societies from certain perspectives. He has an effective place in the political history of other Asian societies, especially the Chinese and Russians, who were his neighbors during his period. The imperial system established by Genghis Khan, with its unique economic and social institutions, was the secret of the empire's growth and expansion. In 17 chapters, this multidisciplinary and multidimensional study of Genghis Khan and his legacy takes a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach.

Prof. Dr. Fuat Sezgin
Abdiraşit Babatev, Taalaybek Abdiev, Mayramgül Dykanbay
Abdiraşit Babatev, Askatbek Mamadiev, Eşkenov Dülotbek, Ulan Alimov