Notice Call for Papers for International Alī al-Qūshjī Symposium

TÜBA will organize the "International Alī al-Qūshjī Symposium" on November 18-20, 2024 in cooperation with The Institute for the History of Science of Istanbul Medeniyet University in order to examine, discuss and publicize Alī al-Qūshjī’s works in various disciplines within the framework of academic rules.

The proposed research topics for the symposium, which is also important due to the 550th anniversary of the death of Alī al-Qūshjī, who is located at the intersection of the early and late renewal periods in the History of Islamic Philosophy-Science, on December 17, 2024, are listed below.

The intellectual biography of Alī al-Qūshjī
Kalām and philosophy in Alī al-Qūshjī
Alī al-Qūshjī and the Ishraqi tradition
Metaphysics in Alī al-Qūshjī
Natural sciences in Alī al-Qūshjī
Alī al-Qūshjī and theoretical astronomy
Samarkand Observatory and Alī al-Qūshjī's contribution to the zīj literature
Alī al-Qūshjī's mathematical works
Linguistics and philosophy of language in Alī al-Qūshjī
Alī al-Qūshjī's contributions to the field of exegesis
Alī al-Qūshjī's students and followers in the context of his works and views
Alī al-Qūshjī as part of Timurid and Ottoman intellectual life
The scientific debates that Alī al-Qūshjī's works have generated
Translations of Alī al-Qūshjī's works in different languages and their effects
Alī al-Qūshjī in today's literature

Deadline for Abstract Submission
June 15, 2024

Announcement of Accepted Papers
July 15, 2024

Deadline for Full Text Submission
September 15, 2024


Writing Rules
Title (TR-ENG)
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Short CV (150 words) (TR-ENG)
Article Title (TR-ENG)
Abstract (200 words)

Full Text
Articles should be prepared in a volume of 4.000-12.000 words in accordance with the “The Chicago Manual of Style (17th Edition, Notes and Bibliography)” system.