Rusya’nın Ukrayna’yı İşgalı ve Uluslararası İlişkiler Çalıştayı Sonuç Raporu
Mart 2022
ISBN: 978-605-2249-99-4

Turkey is impacted by the humanitarian, political, economic, and social aspects of the ongoing wars in its surrounding countries due to its geostrategic location. Yet, Turkey is also working to the end for the creation of peace in all conflict zones, and it is doing so using a rhythmic diplomacy approach in all of these processes. The war in Ukraine, in particular, has become the primary foreign policy concern of Turkey, as the country has developed significant relations with both sides in many areas. These emerging developments changes prompted scientists to analyze the foreign policy processes and instruments that should be followed properly during this time of Turkish foreign policy for the sake of the common good. The scientists evaluated the war’s dimensions by emphasizing that the future is conditional and avoiding generalizations during the “Russian Invasion of Ukraine and the International Relations Workshop” organized by TÜBA on March 28, 2022. Following the workshop analyses, this Final Report was made accessible to the public. In this report, academics in the field of international affairs debate and offer their thoughts on the Russia-Ukraine War, based on their knowledge, experience, and future expectations. The report begins by discussing the pre-war period’s tipping points and then discusses the war’s consequences on the system, region, and national levels, after defining the extent and nature of the conflict. The last title “Results” contains twelve paragraphs summarizing the findings of the workshop.