TÜBA&AASSA Symposium; “Understanding Sustainability in the Context of Commercial Organizations and Charitable Institutions”

TÜBA&AASSA Symposium; “Understanding Sustainability in the Context of Commercial Organizations and Charitable Institutions”

TÜBA Sustainable Development and Finance Working Group; In partnership with TÜBA and The Association of Academies and Societies of Sciences in Asia (AASSA), the scientific symposium titled "Understanding Sustainability in the Context of Commercial Organizations and Charitable Institutions" was held on May 21-22, 2022 in Istanbul.

The opening speech was made by Mr. Mustafa Varank, the Minister of Industry and Technology. Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Şeker, TÜBA President, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Nuri Yurdusev, TÜBA Principal Member and AASSA President and Prof. Dr. Mehmet Bulut, TÜBA Principal Member. Six sessions were held at the symposium with the participation of more than 40 different experts from 15 countries.

“A more livable world and the future depend on the collaboration of scientists.”
Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Şeker, TÜBA President gave information about the work of TÜBA Working Groups, emphasized that studies on Turkey's strategic areas are a reference source for relevant individuals and institutions. He said that the working groups of leading scientists in Turkey and the world contributed to the multidisciplinary studies.

He stated that “the concept of sustainability is handled in a multidimensional way with presentations on many topics such as economy, trade, education, environment and finance in the symposium program the search for a new system comes to the fore in almost every environmental or economic crisis. The preservation of the ecological balance is of special importance for the protection and maintenance of the natural life on the planet we live in. TÜBA also organized the second symposium of the "Understanding Sustainability" series, together with AASSA, within the scope of the importance it attaches to the concept of "sustainability". A more livable world and future depend on the collaboration of scientists. I think that such academic studies within the framework of science diplomacy improve these collaborations. I sincerely believe that the Joint Symposium will be a platform where long-term friendships will be established with participants from all over the world.”

Prof. Yurdusev, President of AASSA started his speech by emphasizing that the symposium deals with the issue of sustainability, especially in the context of charities and foundation formations. He said that although sustainability has been studied in different dimensions and levels, the role of charitable institutions, especially foundation formations, needs to be examined more and the symposium is very valuable at this point.

“Latest advances revealed that we need to study and discuss more about development.”
Prof. Yurdusev stated that “sustainability and sustainable development have been among the important discussion topics of science and societies in the last 40 years. Although the issue has been examined from many perspectives, the 17 sustainable development goals announced by the United Nations have still not been achieved and continued as follows: With the Russian-Ukrainian war, the latest developments have been experienced and witnessed by all of us; Human life has been interrupted in almost every area, especially in production and supply chains. This showed us that we need to study and discuss more about sustainability and sustainable development. Sustainability depends on nature and people. Perhaps more importantly, it is based on the interaction of human society with the natural environment. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us once again and again that one of the reasons for the epidemics was the invasion of natural habitats by humans. Our relationships, not only with the natural habitat of non-human populations, but also with the human habitat of our society, are increasingly threatening to all of us and, as a result, endangering human and natural sustainability.” He congratulated TÜBA for organizing and hosting a comprehensive Symposium and stated that AASSA's support will always continue. He thanked the participants for their valuable contributions.

Six sessions were held in the program
Prof. Yurdusev and Prof. Dr. Mehmet Bulut, TÜBA Principal Member, Prof. Dr. Halit Yanıkkaya, Prof. Dr. M. Kabir Hassan, Associate Professor Mesut Karakaş and Associate Professor Cem Korkut, TÜBA President Advisor helped as moderator of the sessions. Scientists from all over the world, from Bahrain University to Donja Gorica University, from Johannesburg University to Islamic Azad University participated to the sessions.