2nd General Assembly of International Science Council

2nd General Assembly of International Science Council

2nd General Assembly of International Science Council (ISC) was held on 11-15 October with the participation of TÜBA.

While there are information activities and member forums within the framework of the titles determined/suggested by ISC members on the first day of agenda, on the second day, after the opening of the General Assembly, where only the members will take part, the annual work was conveyed to the members and the questions were answered by the members of the general assembly. The report of the Selection Committee of ISC Board was read and a brief introduction of the candidates was made. Then the action plan for the next year was discussed. On the third day of the Program, which is open to everyone; “COVID-19 Scenarios Result Project: The importance of developing the existing structure of the system and global cooperation, long-term consequences of global emergencies” was presented, and then a panel including questions and answers from ISC users was held. In the continuation of the General Assembly, the ISC Awards were announced. On 14 October, in addition to the voting of officials in different positions for the work of the Board of Directors, board membership elections were also held.

At the 2nd ISC General Assembly, ISC Members elected 4 Board Members and 10 Regular Members with the participation of Peter Gluckman, who will take over the ISC presidency at the end of this General Assembly. Motoko Kotani has been awarded the "President-Elect" to assume the Presidency at the next General Assembly in 2024. Anne Husebekk was elected as the Vice President for "Freedom and Responsibility in Science", Salim Abdool Karim as the Vice President for "Social Assistance and Inclusion" and Sawako Shirahase as the Vice President for "Finance" of the Council.

TÜBA nominated the Prof. Dr. Ahmet Nuri Yurdusev, TÜBA Principal Member and METU Faculty Member for the “Ordinary Members of the ISC Board of Directors”. He preresented as candidate after the pre-selection processes of the Selection Committee. Finally, fallowing scientists have been elected; Karina Batthyany; Françoise Baylis; Geoffrey Boulton; Melody Burkins; Mei Hung Chiu; Pamela Matson; Helena Nader; Walter Oyawa; Maria Paradiso; Martin Visbeck.

ISC was established in 2018 with the combination of ICSU and ISSC organizations. It includes more than 40 international scientific umbrella organizations and over 140 national and regional academies.