Statement by TUBA on Atrocities in Palestine

Statement by TUBA on Atrocities in Palestine

Turkish Academy of Sciences (TUBA) previously called upon the US administration to retreat from the grave mistake to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the decision to move its embassy to this city, which constitutes a clear violation of the UN resolutions and international law.

It is very unfortunate to witness that the US administration has proceeded with its illegal decision, which has rightly alarmed the world community. Israeli security forces killed 58 Palestinians in a single day on the 14th of May, making the total number of people killed by Israel 112 since the 30th of March. Among the killed, 20 are children. Also 1,360 demonstrators were seriously, of whom 155 critically, injured with live ammunition by Israel. According to the United Nations, Israel prevents them from reaching medical treatment.

It is beyond any doubt that the state of Israel has breached its obligations under international law and the responsibility of that state has arisen.

As TUBA, we condemn the appalling and deadly violence in Gaza, a grave breach of international law by Israel, and call upon that state to respect the human rights of Palestinians, including right to life, and international humanitarian law. We also make an appeal to the world community and especially to the United Nations to establish accountability for those who ordered or allowed this violence so that future atrocities in the region could be prevented.

TUBA Presidency